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with online yoga, meditations & workshops.


Here at Yogacell our focus is on mindful movement and conscious breathing. With a special interest in mental well being, stress control and pain management, aiding good sleep. 


Supporting you to connect with yourself in order to heal.  Learning how to use your breath, mindful movement and meditation, to alter your relationship to stress, anxiety and pain.  Whether you’re dealing with stress at work, PTSD, chronic illness, depression, fatigue or burnout. Learning to self regulate, to breathe, gives you back control. 


We work with public and private clients, NHS, charities, corporate bodies, and even festivals. We can tailor our classes and courses to suit your requirements. 


Yogacell classes have been described as challenging yet soothing, enabling you to bathe in the glow of your practice, to come home to yourself. 

Take a look at our menu, there’s a Yogacell session to suit you. 

Now you can practice Yogacell yoga wherever you are with live class streaming & our online library of tutorials, courses & guided meditation.

In person or online.

Our focus is on mindful movement to simultaneously nourish body and mind.

Come reap the benefits of yoga for yourself with one of Yogacell's sessions.

In person or online.

Whether you’re new to yoga, recovering from an injury, or wanting to take your practice deeper, Yogacell yoga is here to open your mind to the beauty of one-to-one or private group yoga instruction.

In person or online.

Designed specifically for the corporate environment, our sessions are suitable for all employees regardless of their level or experience. They are formulated to combat stress and tension, improve mental wellness and build physical fitness.

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"Emma at Yogacell comes into the office like a breath of fresh air. She promotes a sense of calm in our busy office environment. There is a noticeable improvement in staff morale and communication since having regular yoga sessions. We all look forward to our yoga sessions"

—  Nicola Abraham, HR Director