Here at Yogacell, our aim is to create a nourishing, empowering, inclusive environment for all who want to practice yoga. Supporting physical and emotional well-being, on a journey towards being the best version of ourselves.


All our classes are welcoming and friendly, beginning with breath work and moving into simple stretches to warm up.
Core work to strengthen and tone (including varied abdominal work). Each class is different but all contain elements to balance, strengthen, stretch and tone, ending with Sivasna (relaxation).

A strong, yet steady paced Vinyasa interwoven with elements of Yin, our classes have been described as challenging yet soothing, so if you are ready to make your first step on your yoga journey, or find your way to a new yoga community, we would love to have you join us at Yogacell yoga.

Please send us a message if you have any questions.



Certified yoga teacher 300hr

Emma is an inspiring, natural teacher. Working from a therapeutic base point, she has an ability to nurture creativity and motivation.


Having spent her previous career in a corporate environment, Emma has the personal experience of knowing how yoga can benefit both physical and mental health. She offers creative, effective and nourishing sequences that focus on the balance, strength and flexibility of your whole being.


Drawing inspiration from many styles of yoga, her classes are based around Vinyasa flow, whilst weaving through elements of nourishing Yin, using breath and mindful movement to flow through each sequence, nurturing body and mind.


Emma works with people from all backgrounds and abilities, including public and private classes, Parkinson’s, mental health, festivals, workshops and corporate yoga.


Emma considers herself a lifetime student on a constant learning journey. Looking to peers inside and outside of the yoga community, (neuroscience, sports-rehabilitation, mindful movement and meditation), she expands her knowledge through regular study, workshops and practice. Always honing her teaching skills. Enabling each person to grow.


Come and reap the benefits of yoga for yourself with one of Emma’s sessions.