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Some people see yoga as a break from the life, a place to recover from life's stresses and strains. Once they've recovered, they return to their regular life renewed. I like to approach my yoga practice with the vision of learning something that I can weave into my everyday life. Yoga and meditation give us a safe and stable environment in which we can nourish our body and mind to aid growth.

Much of yoga is learning to get out of your own way. Yoga can help us to respond to life's challenges without adding tension. Using our breath and movement to ease the body and mind. It is at this level, that your yoga really becomes a deeper practice.

One of the many benefits of yoga is learning to finding balance. Taking this from the mat to any situation life throws our way. Learning the difference between intention (setting a direction for yourself), and willfulness (the determination to push through any resistance.) Both can be beneficial in different situations, although intention is less rigid with room for manoeuvre.

We may sometimes reach a plateau in our yoga practice or maybe feel uninspired. The beauty of yoga is that there are always new ways that we can challenge ourselves in our practice, new directions to take ourselves. Whether you have been practicing yoga for years, or you are just starting out on your journey, the depth of yoga and its benefits continue to unfurl if we choose the right routes to venture deeper. Enabling you to unlock its many benefits as you continue on your yoga journey.

Yoga Nidra (aka yogic sleep) is a deep relaxing practice similar to sivasana. It is the best way to remove impurities in the body, mind and soul. We hold a lot of tension in our bodies and eventually toxins build up in our energy channels. Yoga Nidra is a form of deep relaxation, the technique moves in a sequence that involves intense focus on various body parts and visualisation. It transcends the body and mind to a separate plane where we can release the tension allowing the prana (life force) to flow smoothly.

Being in the moment on your yoga mat can deepen not only your practice, but enhance your whole experience of life.

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