Open your Heart ♥️

Heart opening in yoga can happen through posture, breath, asana and meditation. It not only affects the physical structure of your chest, but also your energetic and emotional capacity.

The centre of your chest is where you will find your heart chakra, the space of love and compassion. A heart centred practice is the perfect space to re-kindle self-care & renew your energy.

‘Your heart is the size of the ocean, go find yourself in its depths’ Rumi

When we make a decision to be intentional in our daily experience, we become more open and create new possibilities for ourselves. Physically, keeping the chest and shoulder area open is very important. Especially as we are a spending more and more time sitting, using computers, and devices, all of which can make us round the back and collapse the chest.

"The heart is the place where we live our passions. It is frail and easily broken, but wonderfully resilient. There is no point in trying to deceive the heart. It depends upon our honesty for its survival."

Leo Buscaglia

Conscious work with the breath is one of the best ways to improve rib cage mobility, gently stretching thoracic soft tissues, and opening the heart space. Any time people feel threatened, be it by pain, challenge, or pressure to perform, the need to guard or defend oneself usually results in holding the breath or breathing in shallow, erratic patterns. These defensive breath patterns cause muscle tightness in the very areas we're trying to open, aswell as gripping in the upper abdomen, which restricts the normal movement of the diaphragm. By practicing slow, expansive breathing and avoiding pushing or forcing the breath, you will begin to break through the armour of a tightly gripped chest, back, and abdominal muscles. Allowing you space to open your heart

One meditation gives this instruction: Imagine your heart opening into a red lotus. Out of this lotus steps a crimson child. Bring this child out of your body and imagine him or her floating above your head. You, as a child, are holding a sun in each hand while each foot stands on a moon. Hold this image as long as you can (5-10mins).

Sometimes It’s hard to bring out this child. When you try, you realise how many defences you have built around yourself. You may realise how the experiences of adolescence and adulthood have tainted you. Sometimes, you may even doubt that you have a pure and innocent self to bring out anymore. You do! Each of us does. This child represents the time when our energies were whole and our hearts were untroubled by the duplicity of the world and ourselves." (Deng Ming-Dao, 365TaoDaily Meditations)

Above all other voices, listen to your heart. Trust this internal guidance system to lead you down the right path. The more you tune in, the more it’ll tell you; ’You are wise, loving, kind, capable and strong. You will make it through. With strength, you will. With Breath, you will. With integrity, you will. With love, you will. ❤️

Don’t let the world silence the whispers of your heart. If you feel lost, off-course, or disconnected from your intuitive side, listen to your heart. It knows the way.

Have a beautiful day filled with love!

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