Proprioception and Interoception

Proprioception (the body’s ability to sense itself in space) and interoception (body’s ability to sense itself from inside).

Proprioception is our sense of where we are in relation to objects around us. This helps to keep us safe, balanced and allows us to do things like sport and yoga.

Interoception is about how your body ‘feels’ eg, do I need the toilet, do I feel hungry? It allows you to make appropriate (often unconscious) decisions I. Order to return to homeostasis. Most interoception happens below the level of conscious thinking; therefore, it is important that we practice taking our awareness internally and listening to our bodies.

Healthy interoception has many benefits. These include the release of unconscious muscular tension within the body, reducing stress/anxiety, and creating a stronger self of identity.

Improving interoception improves your sense of self As you improve your sense of self, you move closer to understanding the meaning and purpose of your life Think of it like this, if you know how you feel, you know who you are, if you know who you are, you know what to do. Practice honing in your interoception skills by slowing down, going inside, and just noticing. Slow mindful movement is the way forward.

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