The benefits of consistent yoga practice

3 benefits I have personally found in having a consistent yoga practice: 1. It reduces thinking and decision making enabling a more meditative yoga flow, building on your personal practice.

A similar sequence at the same time every week, you don’t have to think about it. You know exactly when, where, and how you’re practicing yoga. Giving you the freedom to move more confidently and with ease. 2. You can monitor your progress on the mat.

By having this level of repetition in your practice, you can observe how you are progressing and changing over time. Sometimes it can be tough to move forward with certain asanas (postures) unless you are revisiting them often. Almost all yoga poses have many layers to them. Just when you reach a new level of strength or flexibility, a whole new echelon unfolds for you. By practicing a carefully sequenced set of poses, consistently, you give yourself the opportunity to really understand and open up into those postures. Repetition can easily translate into depth and openness in poses that were maybe unavailable to you before. 3. It provides a touchstone for your life off the mat.

This is maybe my favourite, and certainly most life-changing, part of a consistent practice. By returning to your mat (daily or weekly), to go through the same sequence of poses, you create a point of reference for everything else happening in your life. You can more deeply understand the impact of a change in your diet for example, because you have something to measure it against. You may have more clarity around the quality of your sleep and when you feel fatigued or energised. Emotionally, you become more even-keeled because there is a common thread through your days and weeks and months that ties things together. Having yoga as the touchstone for my life off the mat encourages me to recommit every morning when I’m on my mat. All of a sudden, my practice isn’t only about movement, exercise, or connection to something greater than myself. It’s about living my best life, and being the best version of me.